Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Est Aug 23, 1978

To all my kids,

It started out with my brother driving me to Oakland. He would have been my best man. It was early in the morning of the 23rd. Raquel did not think I would make it. The water at the fountain was turned off. Apparently with a water shortage, neighbors thought the temple was wasting the water. They did not know it was pumped over and over. The Oakland Temple has a mural on the front side of Jesus and the twelve apostles. On the South side of the temple was a mural of Jesus the the 12 disciples from the Book of Mormon. Visitors can easily go up and walk around. Up on top on the south side is a brass marker. They use this marker to measure how much the faults move on the east range and the west range mountains. It is pretty cool. Apparently the church purchased the land in 1943, and then took time to get it just right. Dedication was in 1964. 

The Oakland area performed an indoor pageant which we attended in July. It was after coming home from that pageant that I proposed to Raquel. [After 2007 the pageant was not performed.]

The sealer was Bro Gingler. Jim and Rosalie had the Temple President seal them. The room was kind of a small one. Remember there was only side of the family there. There was a few from my ward. Bro Fox, Bishop Houghton. I was too busy staring into Raquel's eyes to notice many others. 

At the time the temple only had two big ordinance rooms. Now there are four.

When we walked out, my father was speaking to the attendant. I think he was trying to get in. But later he asked the same man for the address for a good restaurant. It was really cool to see mom and dad there, since we did not really invite them. They then took us out to eat lunch. It was there way of making is special for us, and being with the bride and groom.

Also when we came out of the temple my brother drove up in a blue Lincoln he rented for us on our honeymoon. Remember my car at the time was a 1972 blue Torino. It was a real treat to have a Lincoln to drive around for a few days.

Our reception was at the home of Dick and Rita Caldwell. They lived in the Lodi area in a place called Acampo. This was all in the Lodi School district and the Lodi wards. They were good friends of the Nelsons. The picture in our bedroom with the pink roses was taken at that reception. [The Petersons had their reception at the Peterson Home in Morada]. They had two daughters about the same age and got married that summer/fall as well. He was a former Bishop. They had a pool in the back yard. One of the sons thought it would be fun to bolt a iron ball to my ankle. So there is a picture of me with a ball and chain. 

At the end of the evening we drove through Tracy on the way to San Jose. Our honeymoon was held at Marriott Great America. Now it is called Great America. It is a theme park in the Bay Area. We took a picture there. It is found the the family room with a old time wood frame. The print is on a piece of metal. There are other pictures of the Oakland Temple on that wall. 

Then on Saturday we headed back to the Oakland temple to witness the Peterson sealing. They asked us to be the witness couple. That was cool. Then it was back to home. That evening we went to Morada to the Peterson home. This is where it all started. A few months earlier I was visiting with my new friend Jim Peterson. I told him I was going to propose. So here we were again at their home. The home never looked better. Jim took a lot of time to groom the grounds. 

A few days later we all stuffed our cars and drove to Provo. Jim had made an earlier trip to deliver furniture. I asked him to find us a place to live. He found an apartment that had a wall to wall bed. His imagination got away from him. The apartment had one bedroom built from a converted porch. The bed was a twin, and it was a small room. It was hard to make the bed. But there we lived and returned to school. This was our new life together. 

Hope someone prints this out to save it. Oh, and if Raquel has a different story, remember my was first.


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Public Sale GA Hutton

This is what ended it all. Or perhaps Heavenly Father was watching closely to bless lives in a different way.

Can anyone tell me what year February 15 lands on a Tuesday? What year was the sale?


Johns guess was 1972. I think you are 20 years too late.
I think it was 1944.

And can you google map the actual farm? 5 miles north 1 mile east?

Perhaps I can scan the mortgages in here also.

Yes, I should have included this one also.

This is the same address. So what is your guess as to this year?

Plus, I should have included this file.
This address is 4 miles South and 4 miles East. This was known as the Messenger place. Granville rented this place for a time.

I need your guesses on this year also. Be careful there is a 1947 Ford for sale.

When my father received his Masters Degree

When my father graduated from UC Davis with a Masters degree he came home and showed what he learned. These are the jokes that will live forever. 

The first one he told was by writing down; "ABCD goldfish, LMNO goldfish, OSMR". 

The next was by writing down; "f u n e x, s v f x, f u n e m, s v f m, o k m n x".

The next was written on a chaulk board, so I did not get it "B e D". This was a dark e in bed. It is not so funny now. 

The next one was where a man wanted $13 dollars from each of 7 Indians to buy a horse worth $28. He then show math on how you can get to $28 with multiplication, division, and addition. I do not suppose this is very funny any more either. Then also I was just learning multiplication, and division, so I was not sure I knew what he was talking about. Maybe I was the Indian.

Another one was a guy tying to get a job, and the boss wants to see if he know how to multiply with 9's. He is not sure about his math but writes it in a certain way in which he get the job. 

Granville Sr. Family missing Ronald

I found a really good picture of the fathers family. They include Marion, Wanda (Toots), Granville, Burnetta, Geraldine, then in the front row, Myrtle Rosie and last of of Granville Sr.  
I wonder why Ronald was not included in this picture. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Curly Springs

Hiked up to Curly Springs. Got a little lost trying to find a watering hole. Not much there this time of year. Then decided to take a different trail home. So I hiked down area 51 trail. Ooooooooo. You will have to see it to believe it. I enjoyed my hike.

Monday, February 27, 2012

At Recital 2012

This is one happy grandma.
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Chicago 2012

Rebecca traveled to Chicago to compete in the Indoor Confrence. I told her the story about my father and the first time he went to Chicago. He was 14 years (or so) and they had won the state championship for their animal showing. As he checked in to the Hotel. He preseeded to take a shower. Only he left the curtain on the outside of the tub. Water got all over the floor. Mr Trewiller was not very happy. This was the first time he had ever taken a shower, and he did not know what to do with that plastic sheet.

So I asked Rebecca what she was going to do in Chicago. She assured me she was going to take a shower.

She also took 3rd in the weight throwing 51 feet 4 inches. The next day she threw the shot put 41 feet 5 inches. Both of these are 'Personal Records'.

So I quietly painted the lawn so the neighbors would know!
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Scouting Resume

Scouting Resume
Gary Hutton

Position Dates
Unit 630 Scout Committee Chairman
Cub Scout Committee Chairman
BVF District Varsity Huddle Commissioner 2005-2009

Varsity Leader Specific Training Chairman 2005-2009

Staff Varsity Basic Training 1998-2008

Web Master for Varsity Section 2005-2008

UNPC Council Web Master for Training Section January 2001-2009

http://utahscouts.org -- training

Web Master for Varsity Programs Since September 2006

http://www.utahscouts.org -- Varsity
Training Wood badge Trained Feb 1997

Varsity Basic Training Squaw Peak District September 1996

Boy Scout Basic Training Hobble Creek District September 1986
On Staff Wood badge Assistant Course Director September 2003

Wood badge Assistant Course Director May 2002

Webelos Xtreme Timpanogos District 1990-2005

Timberline (when son was SPL) 1999
Other Positions Varsity Coach Unit #630 1992

Assistant Scoutmaster Unit #630 1991

Webelos Leader Pleasant Grove 1989

11 Year Old Scoutmaster Springville 1987

Varsity Training Committee UNPC 2004-2005

COR – In Hobble Creek District 1982-1983

Aaronic Priesthood Camp Staff – Orem Windsor Stake

High Council – Aaronic Priesthood Committee, Windsor Stake 1997-2000

Unit Commissioner – Stake Young Mens Presidency

Awards 2nd Miler Award – Squaw Peak District
2nd Miler Award - Bridal Veil Falls District
March 1998
March 2007

District Award of Merit – Squaw Peak District March 2000

Indian Head, Timpanogos District June 1998
Have written and published booklets
- My Favorite Knots
- Various Camp Song Books

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Block the road

On this walk up 2000 North, I found the road was blocked off. Of
course just looking at the crane was excilerating enough to get my
heart pumping. They say most of the pipe is in. This section just
needs to be covered.

My Health Goals

My Health Goals include walking twice per week. So I thought I would
document the places I go. It seems there are plenty of locations I
have never seen before. These are one along the Bonniville Shoreline
Trail, from Dry Canyon to PG. Great view huh?